From this page you can download the latest version of the Maventa Connector application for Windows. It’s used to send and receive XML invoices to and from the Maventa public API.

Latest version

Latest release 4.8.2022 version number: 2.0.8250.23671

Download the installer from: here

Notes for users of Connector version 1.2

Connector version 2.0+ has a new installer (MSI) and might not be able to automatically update. Please stop any running MaventaService and uninstall the old Connector version before attempting to install the new version. Your settings and log entries should be restored automatically.

Please also note that Connector version 2.0+ requires .NET Framework 4.6.1.

FAQ for installation issues

  • Q: Installer stops with error like “service already exists”.
  • A: The old Connector service called “MaventaService” already exists and needs to be removed manually. Follow these steps:
  1. Run (as as admin) the command “services.msc” or browse to the Windows Services Management. See if “Maventa Connector Service” is listed. If it’s running, stop it.
  2. Open an admin command prompt and run the command: sc DELETE MaventaService
  3. Reboot computer might be a good idea here
  4. Launch new Connector installer which should now be able to pass


In case of issues with installing or running the Connector, please see look in the customer care portal of Connector at

There you can also contact customer support in case you need more help.


Connector’s security depends 100% on the OS security and folder privileges that it is running on. Connector client program moves documents between a folder and Maventa API using HTTPS same as all other ERP traffic. As the client program only makes API calls and copies files between API and folder and is triggered from the OS side there are no additional security aspects to consider as there are no incoming ports the software listens to. All local users that are given access to the filesystem that contain the configuration files can read the contents (API keys) thus the application should be protected from the OS side users using folder permissions. The program is using an old framework so software framework itself is outdated and this should be taken into consideration when thinking about using it.