Warning List Guide

This page contains information of the warning list check that can be activated for the company’s incoming invoices as part of AutoInvoice Detect service.

What is a warning list?

A warning list is a register which contains warnings against suspected fraudsters and business scams/swindles.

How does the warning list check for invoices work?

When an invoice comes in the sender company’s information is checked against a set of warning lists. If they are found a notification can be given for the invoice receiver.

The information based on which the search is made includes

  • Sender company name
  • Sender company Business ID

I received a notification that my invoice is from a company that is found on a warning list. What does this mean?

The invoice sender is found in 3rd party register or Visma user generated warning list that are used for the warning list check.

If you get a warning it means that the company name or Business ID matches information in at least one of the registers.

In the notification message “Source” tells the name of the register where the sender was found. It is possible that the same sender is on more than one of the used warning list registers, in this case the notification contains names of every register where the sender was found.

See all the registers used and by which criteria they list companies below.


The warning list check is using a set of well known and established 3rd party warning lists, as well as warnings collected based on reports from Visma customers.

Please note that this set of registers is not exhaustive, and a company not being on the list is not a guarantee of the legitimacy of the invoice or the sender.

The information available on the registers varies based on the register in question. In some of the register’s pages you can find for example previous example invoices and descriptions of fraud attempts.

3rd party registers

EUIPO - European Union Intellectual Property Office

Contains warnings focused on companies doing trademark and design services scams. Usually name/logo/service appear very similar to a real organisation.

Svenskhandel Varningslistan

Contains warnings for fraudulent invoices, companies with unscrupulous sales practices and of offers or mailings that may be perceived as misleading.

Trygg Handel Warning list

Contains warnings against active fraudsters and business scams/swindles.

Visma user generated warnings

Visma users can report an invoice if they suspect sender to be fraudulent. Warning message states how many different invoice receivers have reported the company as suspected fraudster.

How to work with warnings?

It is recommended to have a routine in place for handling the situations where fraud is suspected. This includes for example confirming if the supplier has actually sent the invoice, as well as to dispute the invoice in case the basis for it is not legit. To establish your routine, check the relevant ways of operating in relation to your country and area of business.

Financial supervising authorities

Norway: Finanstilsynet https://www.finanstilsynet.no/ (in English https://www.finanstilsynet.no/en)

Finland: FIN-FSA Finanssivalvonta https://www.finanssivalvonta.fi/ (in English https://www.finanssivalvonta.fi/en/)

Sweden: FinansInspektionen https://www.fi.se/ (in English https://www.fi.se/en/)

Denmark: Finanstilsynet https://www.finanstilsynet.dk/ (in English https://www.dfsa.dk/)

Netherlands: Autoriteit Financiële Markten https://www.afm.nl/nl-nl (in English https://www.afm.nl/en)

Central Business Registers

Norway: Brønnøysundregistrene https://www.brreg.no/

Finland: YTJ / PRH https://www.ytj.fi/ / https://www.prh.fi/

Sweden: Bolagsverket https://bolagsverket.se/

Denmark: CVR - Det Centrale Virksomhedsregister https://datacvr.virk.dk/

Netherlands: KVK Chamber of Commerce https://www.kvk.nl/english/